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Sydney J. Batch

Sydney J. Batch, J.D., M.S.W. is one of the founding partners of Batch Poore & Williams, PC.  Sydney...
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Shannon C. Poore

Shannon C. Poore, J.D. is one of the founding partners of Batch Poore & Williams, PC. Her primary...
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J. Patrick Williams

J. Patrick Williams

While Patrick’s jury trial experience ranges from personal injury defense to alienation of affections actions, he’s developed a...
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Tatjana Williams

Associate Attorney
Tatjana is an associate with our firm with a focus in child custody, child support, domestic violence, and...
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William Krueger

William is an associate with our firm with a focus on child custody, divorce, domestic violence, and civil...
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Hear From Our Clients

Projecting a professional image is easier than producing professional results. I got both and more with Sydney Batch and her associates at Batch, Poore, & Williams, PC. I retained the services of Sydney Batch to provide representation in my daughter’s very complex and contentious divorce and custody battle. Every expectation was met or exceeded and the outcome was as good as possible under the trying circumstances. Sydney and her staff were patient, understanding, encouraging and thorough from start to finish. The knowledge and judgment they displayed was impeccable and I could not recommend them more highly.

Wade, Child Custody/CPS Client

I gave Shannon practically no time to prepare
With a order to compel against me and a contempt ruling to follow. She submitted everything I needed to my E/D case. In addition preceded to negotiate alimony. She counter offers very well and thinks quick. I had an AWESOME experience with this firm. Thanks Shannon for everything!!

Guy Anders, Family Law Client

Patrick was calm and rational. He wasn’t trying to be a psychologist, he wasn’t trying to think like a judge, and he wasn’t trying to become my friend. If you talk with an attorney who does any of those, run.
Patrick advocated for me, and made sure my ex’s long-winded ramblings were efficiently cut to pieces with targeted questions for me and the other witnesses. Whatever his methodology is, it was easy to answer succinctly. In the end, we did better than even he expected.
Incidentally, my case has very high CPS involvement because of my ex. Patrick understood the complexities in a way an average family law attorney does not. I received a referral to this firm, but for a different partner. As it turned out, I was represented by exactly the right person.

Melissa DA, Custody Client

This firm represented me in an assortment of issues ranging from a wrongly filed domestic violence protective order, to a messy divorce with custody and property issues. At every turn I got the results I wanted. I worked with several attorneys in the firm and there was always someone available to talk with me if I had questions. I felt comfortable that multiple attorneys in the firm new who I was and crucial details about my case. Great attorneys, would recommend to anyone needing help with family or criminal issues.

J. B., Divorce Client

Been a Batch, Poore and Williams client for the past two years. This is an honest firm that won’t nickel and dime you, that fights hard for their clients. Would highly recommend their services to anyone undergoing a custody dispute or divorce.

Phonte, Family Law Client

When allegations were made to DSS regarding my husband and I, we were referred to BPW. There has not been a day that has passed in the now 2 year battle for my children where I didn’t thank God that we DID call not only an attorney but these wonderful women in particular. Sydney and Shannon guided us through this process with superb legal advice as well as genuine compassion and concern for our family. The level of attention they have given us surpassed even what I expected. You absolutely could not entrust your family to anyone more dedicated, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.

Shawna, CPS Client

I had the best experience with Batch, Poore & Williams. Mr. Williams represented me and he was the best! Extremely professional, yet patient; thorough, yet ethical; I would highly recommend them!!

Bobby Singh, Family Law Client

The attorneys and staff in this practice are all amazing. They have helped me through a very difficult and messy divorce, and have handled other legal issues for me and other family members. They are knowledgeable, responsive, empathetic, and go out of their way to look out for their clients best interests. I would highly recommend them, and would not consider going anywhere else for legal help.

H. M. , Divorce Client

Patrick represented me in a contempt charge appeal stemming from a family court matter. I found him to be sincere and supportive and felt that he valued my well-being throughout the process.

Cat DP, Family Law Client

Sydney is a very knowledgeable attorney in her field. She provided great advice during my separation and child custody agreements. Her knowledge and guidance helped avoid litigation and provided a positive resolution. She is an attorney you can trust and someone that will focus on your best interests. She was great to work with.

S. S. , Family Law Client