Co-Parenting Apps That Will Help Keep You Out of Court

Co-Parenting Apps That Will Help Keep You Out of Court

Sharing the responsibilities of raising your child with your ex can be difficult. But if you’re both committed to being in your child’s daily life, co-parenting can be very rewarding. To make co-parenting easier, several families rely on co-parenting apps and other software to share schedules and other information. Take a look at our top app recommendations for parents seeking an easier way to communicate. This blog article does not contain affiliate links.

Free Apps

Cent: Cent is a free app which allows parents to manage custody schedules, track shared expenses for your children, and streamline communication on common custody issues. Cent’s feature set allows co-parents to easily log and manage all shared co-parenting activities, and build a positive relationship with their children and ex-partners.

Google Calendar: A lot of couples find success using a simple Google calendar. It’s an app many people use already so it’s easy to make the adjustments necessary for co-parenting. Simply create a shared calendar and enter any recurring dates like custody exchange, soccer practice, and miscellaneous appointments.

Cozi: While not specifically created for co-parenting, Cozi is a family organizer app that allows you to share calendars, create to-do lists, and share photos and recipes. The basic version is free and includes most of the features but with ads. Some unique aspects of Cozi include giving each child their own color on the calendar and using the shared recipe feature to help divorced households deal with one or more children with food allergies.

FamCal: FamCal is an app available via iOS and Android. Again, it wasn’t created specifically for families in separate households but it does have features that are helpful for co-parents. Like Cozi and Google Calendar, there is a shared calendar feature. Additionally, you can share to-do lists and make notes. The basic version is free with in-app add-ons.

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Premium Apps

Our Family Wizard: Created by a divorced couple to help keep the relationship civil, Our Family Wizard is a preferred app for contentious custody cases. Our Family Wizard includes a shared calendar that automatically documents when alterations to the schedule are accepted or declined. And the messaging board “creates a secure platform for communication between parents.” Once sent, messages cannot be edited or deleted. Plus, an add-on feature called ToneMeter can review your message, identify emotionally charged phrases, and suggest alternatives. With ToneMeter, if you ever go back to court, you can rest easier knowing your written communication has been calm and level-headed. Subscriptions start at $99 per year per parent with additional fees for add-ons.

2Houses: 2Houses is a web-based platform and mobile app to help co-parents communicate, stay organized, and manage their shared responsibilities. In addition to a shared calendar, the program allows parents to track expenses, share information, news, pictures, videos, etc. One of the features is the “information bank” where you can store information like clothing size to have on hand when you need it. The platform costs $12.50 per month for the entire family and offers a 14-day free trial.

Co-parenting can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be impossible. These apps are just a sample of the many options available. We recommend trying a few of them out to find the one that works best for you and your family.

If you are having trouble communicating with the other parent and want to know your legal rights, please contact our office to schedule a consultation. Our family law attorneys have experience working with clients to help open the lines of communication.