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Examples equitable distribution, cps investigations, child custody, divorce


30 May
Is My Spouse Entitled to Part of My Business? Is your business marital property? When couples in North Carolina face divorce, the division of a business in an equitable distribution case can become a complex and emotionally charged process. Frequently one spouse...
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14 May
We take tremendous pride in defending father’s parental rights in custody actions and termination of parental rights cases. Family courts recognize the importance of both parents in a child’s life and strive to ensure that fathers have equal rights and responsibilities with...
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30 Jan
Sharing the responsibilities of raising your child with your ex can be difficult. But if you’re both committed to being in your child’s daily life, co-parenting can be very rewarding. To make co-parenting easier, several families rely on co-parenting apps and other...
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15 Nov
Raising children is never easy, even when they are your own.  Raising step-children is even more challenging.  Not being her father, how should you handle her disobeying you?  Not being her mother, how do you say the right things to encourage her?  It...
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Do You Need an Attorney Today?

Raleigh Divorce blogBecoming informed about your rights is the first step in determining whether you need an attorney or can resolve your divorce on your own.  The aim of the BPW Raleigh divorce blog is to provide people going through a divorce with information that can assist you in your time of need.   We believe that it is not our job as attorneys to convince you that you need legal assistance.  Many times clients meet with our attorneys and we determine that the involvement of an attorney is premature.  Other times, the cost of an attorney is not a reasonable expense when compared with what is at stake.  We take pride in being honest with clients and not hiding the ball.

Our Raleigh divorce blog contains resources that you can assist you in proceeding with your divorce pro se.  You’ll find information on how to save money during your divorce.  We let you know what to expect so you can make informed decisions about how to move forward.