BPW Wins Appeal in Termination of Parental Rights Case

BPW Wins Appeal in Termination of Parental Rights Case

We take tremendous pride in defending father’s parental rights in custody actions and termination of parental rights cases. Family courts recognize the importance of both parents in a child’s life and strive to ensure that fathers have equal rights and responsibilities with regards to their children’s upbringing. Fighting for your parental rights in a termination of parental rights action can be daunting and the consequences are irreversible. Our attorneys are here to help at the trial level and in pursuing appeals of termination of parental rights judgments.

Our firm recently prevailed in front of the North Carolina Court of Appeals in a termination of parental rights appeal. (No. COA23-701, In the Matter of: K.P., Unpublished) In K.P., the father’s rights were terminated by the trial court which found the father willfully failed to pay child support for the minor child and that the father willfully abandoned the minor child.

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On appeal, Sydney Batch argued that there were no findings by the trial court that the father failed to pay support during the relevant time period of one year preceding the filing of the termination of parental rights petition. In addition, Batch argued that the Mother took several measures to prevent the Father from contacting the minor child, namely that the Mother 1) intentionally blocked the Father from contacting her via social media, 2) moved and changed her phone number without notifying the Father. The Court of Appeals agreed that the Mother failed to meet her burden at the trial and reversed and vacated the trial court’s decision.

If you are a parent facing a termination of parental rights petition or if your rights have been terminated and you believe the decision was incorrect, contact us right away. Time is of the essence in defending or appealing termination of parental rights actions. Our attorneys are NC Board Certified Specialists in Child Welfare law so you can count on our experience in defending or prosecuting termination of parental rights cases as well as providing assistance with appeals. We are here to help!