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Can An Attorney Help Me During a CPS Investigation?

Clients frequently come to us when they are under investigation by CPS.  This is a difficult time for families as a lot of recommendations are flying around and they don’t really have a “say” in what is appropriate and what is excessive.  There is no court procedure during an investigation and it can feel as though the investigative worker is saying “do everything I ask or else we’ll take your kids away.”  Most people in that situation will agree whether they want to or not.

During a CPS investigation the agency will dedicate its resources to investigating the allegations made regarding your children. Depending on the allegations, DSS will spend its time interviewing friends, family members, doctors, childcare providers, neighbors, your children and you.   The social worker will also work with other professionals, like therapists and law enforcement. During this time, DSS may ask you to sign consents to release your medical and mental health records. The social worker may ask that you submit to drug testing or consent to a mental health evaluation for your children or for you.

While some of the social worker’s requests may be appropriate and necessary to complete the investigation, it is important that you consult with an attorney about whether you should cooperate in interviews and sign releases to obtain confidential information.  At Batch, Poore & Williams, PC one of our experienced attorneys can meet with you to discuss your legal rights.  We can provide as much support as you need during the stressful and often emotional investigation.

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How We Can Help During a CPS Investigation

  • We tailor our representation based on the specific allegations made regarding your family and children.  While your case may not be in court, there are many ways we can assist you reach a fair and positive outcome for your family, including:
  • Attending DSS meetings
  • Attending police interviews.

Communicating on your behalf with professionals and other persons involved so that we can properly advise you on how to best proceed with the investigation.

Our attorneys are well-versed in the policies and procedures that DSS agencies are supposed to follow during their investigative process. Our familiarity with these policies allows us to properly advise you regarding your legal rights.

Oftentimes in sexual abuse and physical abuse cases parents are asked to consent to Child Medical Evaluations and Child Family Evaluations.  Police often request to interview the parents, and at times, the children.  We can advise you about whether you should cooperate with the police investigation and whether you should consent to the evaluations DSS may request.

Regardless of your situation, we are willing and able to support you through this difficult time.   We offer investigative assistance at flat rates so you can plan ahead and determine if having an attorney during the investigative phase of your case is the right move for your family.

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