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Examples equitable distribution, cps investigations, child custody, divorce


5 Nov
When spouses reconcile in North Carolina after a separation, there can be major repercussions. Reconciliation occurs when spouses resume the marital relationship. N.C. Gen. Stat. 52-10.2 defines resumption of the marital relationship as a “voluntary renewal of the husband and wife relationship,...
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20 Sep
Modification of a NC Custody Order is a 3-Step Process: First, if you have a North Carolina custody order, you must file a motion to modify with the court.  In your motion, you should list all the reasons you believe the order...
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13 Sep
Beginning October 1, 2019, extensive changes to the North Carolina Parenting Coordinator statute will go into effect. Below is a complete guide to Parenting Coordinators in North Carolina, including the changes taking effect on October 1st.   1. What is a Parenting...
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29 Aug
In North Carolina, it is mandatory to attend a mediated settlement conference if there is a pending claim for equitable distribution.  Also called a Family Financial Mediation, this will be your formal opportunity to reach a settlement agreement with your spouse before...
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Raleigh Divorce blogBecoming informed about your rights is the first step in determining whether you need an attorney or can resolve your divorce on your own.  The aim of the BPW Raleigh divorce blog is to provide people going through a divorce with information that can assist you in your time of need.   We believe that it is not our job as attorneys to convince you that you need legal assistance.  Many times clients meet with our attorneys and we determine that the involvement of an attorney is premature.  Other times, the cost of an attorney is not a reasonable expense when compared with what is at stake.  We take pride in being honest with clients and not hiding the ball.

Our Raleigh divorce blog contains resources that you can assist you in proceeding with your divorce pro se.  You’ll find information on how to save money during your divorce.  We let you know what to expect so you can make informed decisions about how to move forward.