Getting Legal Help During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Getting Legal Help During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Efforts being made at the state and national level to prevent the spread of coronavirus through social distancing are limiting access to necessary services and assistance.  We are determined to continue to serve our clients and people in need throughout this crisis in accordance with policies that have been put in place for public safety.

If you are need of a consultation but don’t want to risk infection, we continue to offer virtual consultations via phone or video conference at 20% off our normal rates.  Our cloud services allow you to upload essential documents for review prior to your consultation as well as complete your full intake procedure without stepping outside of your home.  We can assist with drafting or reviewing separation agreements, court orders, custody, divorce, support filings or drafting estate planning documents, such a wills, health care directives, and health care power of attorneys.

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While courthouses are closing statewide for non-essential actions, they remain open to serve those who need immediate relief.  This includes people seeking domestic violence protective orders, emergency custody, injunctive relief, and pre-trial release hearings.  Our firm is experienced in providing assistance to people who need time-sensitive relief and will continue to provide services to clients throughout this period.  Filing deadlines still apply and we will continue to serve our client in meeting time-sensitive case requirements.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need assistance during this trying period.  We will continue to be available to assist North Carolina residents with family law and estate planning issues as they arise.  Contact us today!