3 Back-to-School Tips for Divorced Families

3 Back to School Tips for Divorced Families

It’s not easy to co-parent. The summer months may have made things a little easier since the kids aren’t on as strict of a schedule. But the new school year means jam-packed days filled with teachers, homework and extracurriculars.

Planning and communication are key to a successful school year. Below are some tips to help co-parents tackle the back-to-school mayhem:

1. Communicate with the School

It’s always a good idea to introduce yourself to your child’s teachers at the beginning of a new school year. As a divorced parent, it’s important to let the teacher know to send all communication to both parents. Find out how the school notifies both parents of important events. If your children ride the bus, make sure the school and teachers have the appropriate schedule for each day of the week.

Be sure to make the teacher aware of any special restrictions that may be in the custody order. If it doesn’t allow the other parent to check the children out of school, make sure the school has a copy at the office. Likewise, if you have a domestic violence protective order against the other parent, make sure the school office has an up-to-date copy at all times.

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2. Plan Ahead

Children’s schedules tend to get pretty full once school starts. Keeping everyone on the same page isn’t easy, especially between two households. You’ll both need to plan ahead to stay ahead of the curve. Try using an online calendar to keep each other aware of what is going on. We recommend Our Family Wizard for families going through contentious custody cases. But if your custody case isn’t high-conflict, sharing a google calendar should work fine and is free.

3. Split the Cost of School Supplies

Schools usually provide a list of school supplies before the start of the new year. Discuss with your ex how to handle the costs. Usually one parent will do the shopping and the other will reimburse their share of the cost. But you can also agree to be responsible for only certain items. If you live near the state line, see if the neighboring state observes a tax-free weekend. If it does, coordinate your shopping trip accordingly.

Starting a new school year can be difficult.  Sometimes there are issues that can’t be solved on their own.  Contact our office today to discuss your legal rights.

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