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Responsible Individuals List (RIL)

If you are placed on the Responsible Individuals List you can be prevented from teaching, coaching, working in child care, adopting children, or from becoming a foster parent.

When Child Protective Services completes an investigative assessment on a family that has been reported to the agency, the agency must determine whether there is one or more persons responsible for abusing or seriously neglecting a child.   In most CPS situations, parents are the persons deemed responsible for the abuse, neglect or abandonment of a child.  However, in some unique situations, persons other than parents can be held accountable for the serious neglect or abuse of a child.

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Responsible Individuals ListIf CPS determines that a person has seriously neglected or abused a child, the agency is mandated by the State of North Carolina to place the “perpetrator” on the state wide responsible individuals list.  As of right now, the RIL list is not available to anyone in the general public.  However certain agencies have automatic access to the list, and other organizations can request information about whether a person is on the RIL list.   If a person is placed on the list, there could be severe consequences. If you have received notice from CPS that the agency has identified you as a perpetrator in an investigation, you need to obtain immediate legal advice to discuss the consequences of being placed on this list and your right to appeal the agency’s decision.

The consequences for being placed on the RIL list may prevent a person from:

  • working in certain fields, such as child care or teaching
  • coaching children in school sponsored or state and private sponsored extracurricular sports
  • becoming a foster parent
  • adopting a child

If you are named as a responsible person and added to the RIL list, it is imperative that you speak with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. The appeal process to be removed from the RIL list can be complicated. More importantly, there is a limited amount of time for the person to appeal the RIL decision. Contact us to discuss your legal options regarding the Responsible Individuals List.

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