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BPW News

BPW is Relocating to Better Serve Our Clients

Effective April 29, 2013, BPW will be at our new location!  We have outgrown our current space in downtown Raleigh and as a result we've been limited in our availability times for consultations, parking spaces, as well as on site amenities for visiting clients.

Preparing to File Your Raleigh Divorce Claim

Initial disclosure timelines in Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina, require clients to begin gathering documents relating to income, debts, and expenses contemporaneously with filing their claim for alimony, child support, or equitable distribution. What documents should you start gathering?

Save Money with a Separation Agreement

Our Divorce and Child Custody attorneys represent clients throughout the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill Area. We've helped many clients through the difficulty of divorce. Let us help you.

Absolute Divorce and Preserving Your Rights

Without taking the necessary steps, you can lose your rights to file for equitable distribution and alimony during an absolute divorce. Once an action for absolute divorce is filed against you, it is essential that you act without delay in preserving your rights. Read on to find out more.

Our Drug Crimes Practice

At the Batch, Poore, & Williams law firm in Raleigh, we aggressively defend clients charged with drug crimes. After hearing your side of the story and examining facts of your drug crimes case, we can seek an outright dismissal of charges if your rights violated or try your case to a jury. In many cases we can get a reduction of charges, or recommend your participation in a diversion program in order to keep a felony conviction from landing on your record.